Corporate gifts
for those who care

Biography Lab creates human-centric, aestetically pleasing products that inspire people to live a better life
It's a perfect match for companies who:
  • Pay attention to the mental health and emotional state of the team
  • Develop their HR brand and work hard on employee retention
  • Aim to grow their
    corporate empathy culture
Christmas season bestsellers

A gift for a brighter future

This deck inspires people to think of life they could have in next 12 months

A gift to complete the year happily

This deck inspires unforgettable christmas-time conversations and relive warmest highlights of the year

Calendar to explore your inner world.
365 tear-off pages with daily questions to shift your self-perception.
Tickets that bring people
back to life outside of digital world.
This set of micro-practices helps people concentrate
on themselves instead of scrolling through their social feeds.
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